28" Block

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Are you looking for a sanding block that can get a flat panel as straight as possible?

This block is the answer.  It's 3/4" thick, and 28" long, and does an incredible job getting body work or primer blocked straight.

This sanding block is acrylic, and does still flex very slightly.  Acrylic is the perfect material for a block of this size that doesn't really need to flex or bend.  Acrylic is slightly more rigid and sands just a little more precise than polycarbonate, which is perfect for the thinner, more flexible blocks.  

Please only order this block if you already have True Blox, or are ordering it with another set.  The reason is simple, one single block is nearly useless, and the point of the True Blox brand is to be as helpful as possible.

This block is included in the Master Set and the All Blox Set.