True Blox - Master Set

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A set of 34 premium sanding blocks.   These blox are meant for block sanding body work as well as primer, especially polyester primer.  The master set is the full range of lengths and flexibilities.  All the perfect sizes.  There are 9 different thicknesses in total, ranging from .030" to 3/4" thick.  This set is sure to be a game changer for your body work.

All of the block are just under 2 3/4" wide, to accept regular sand paper, and all True Blox are for 'Stick-it' Style Sand Paper.

** Ships in approximately 2 weeks**

Sizes in Master Set:
*The thickness of the blox determines the flexibility.

 Length of Block

Number of Blocks
(each block is a different thickness)

Range of Flexibilities
6" 5

Very Flexible to Rigid

8" 7

Very Flexible to Rigid

12" 7

Very Flexible to Rigid

16 3/8" 5

Flexible to Rigid

22" 5

Flexible to Rigid

28" 3

Mildly Flexible to Rigid

32 5/8" 2


 **The pictures do no include 6 of the blocks

The handle design is to allow the blocks to flex naturally, with absolutely no interference.