Thank you!

Unfortunately, True Box are no longer being made or sold. I want to thank everyone who has been supportive from the beginning in 2016. The idea from the start was always to have the tools and knowledge to help people get better at their craft. In keeping with that theme, the website will remain up, along with the social media channels, so all the tips will always be available.

The text line to ask questions is also still available. The number to text is 331-303-0703


Thank you for providing killer blocks and priceless info. Got the blocks for when I was at a resto shop and never used anything else since. Even now doing collision work, better than anything else I've ever used or have seen.  Your blocks played a key role in achieving awesome results. Keep up the awesome work man!

Jeff Freund

Awesome product and story....they work 10x better than any other block out there! Thanks for supplying a product that truly makes a difference in our industry!

We are loving the blocks, everything is blocking out real nice and sharp.  I now wonder what I would have done without them, they have also become a huge hit in our everyday collision work with such comments from techs as they do exactly what u want them to do.  A real pleasure to use, thank you for an amazing set of blocks that take our work to the next level. Keep up the good work Mate👍

Lloyd Taylor, Precision Collision of Karratha Australia

Blocks are AWESOME as expected!! 

Dave Pieri -One Off Rod & Custom

My order came today. I Blocked primer I thought was pretty straight 🤦🏽‍♂️

These blocks definitely are perfect!!

My work was dura block straight and woulda looked great to the untrained eye but the true Blox definitely took it to the next level!!

Tommy Mach