The Story

The Story of how True Blox got started, by Tyler Krause

True Blox really actually started in 2005.  Trying to do the best work possible, it was starting to become apparent that the sanding blocks available to buy, like Dura Blocks or AFS blocks, weren't quite enough.  It was around this time I discovered using acrylic as a sanding block, and began using it along with the other blocks.  It didn't take long to figure out the acrylic worked much better, and that quickly replaced all the other sanding blocks.  The results were just better; body work looked crisper, more refined, and everything could get a little straighter and a little flatter.

Over the next 10 years, I made more and more sanding blocks, eventually having about 75-80 blocks; all different lengths and thicknesses.  These were the only blocks I used while working with various top tier hot rod shops, like Customs & Hot Rods of Andice, Rad Rides by Troy, and Roadster Shop.  

It was finally time to go out on my own, and I made the decision to start sharing all the knowledge I've gained by being fortunate enough to work with such great people.  Time to pay it all forward and try to help others.  By doing this, I was asked over and over and over what sanding blocks I liked to use.  That's when I realized there isn't a sanding block on the market meant for what we do.

To really help people do better work, I had to make available the right tools, even though it was one of the 'secrets' to doing really good body work.  So I began figuring out how to replace the crappy masking tape handles I was using.  Since I've been using so many of these blocks for so long, I was able to narrow them down to the sizes and lengths that worked great, and eliminate the ones that didn't.  I eventually came up with the right material for a handle, and even harder, a way to bond the handle to the block.  The hurdle was having a handle that very minimally effects how the sanding block flexes, that is absolutely crucial, and why the handles look like they do.  The very top priority is to have a sanding block that works.

While figuring out the right way to make body work sanding blocks, I also realized I used the same 4 wet sanding blocks on every car for these past 10 years.  That's when I just measured the size of the blocks and started making and offering those to buy.  

The ultimate goal of the True Blox brand is to help people.  I've been very fortunate to learn a lot by being a part of some really great projects, and being pushed to produce nothing but great results.  I decided to openly share absolutely everything in an attempt to help move our body work industry along.  A big part of that is having the proper tools, and True Blox will continue to offer everything I use, more than just sanding blocks.  True Blox isn't just tools, its a resource, a place to find knowledge, a place to ask questions.