A block sanding Video

There are a few things to notice in this video. 
  • I start sanding with 40 grit. At 3:15 in the video is when I switched to 80 grit. 
  • Notice how often I check how the tailgate is blocking out with the aluminum c-channel. Always use that as a guide. 
  • The sanding block is almost always at just a slight angle.  This helps keep the shape vertically a little better; the block won't follow any grooves. 
  • I alternate directions for a reason.  Pay close attention to how the panel feels as it is being blocked. Block the filler perpendicular to any high areas. 
  • Always pay attention, do not just go through the motions. 
  • This is about as flat of a panel as you can sand. The block I'm using is still a little bit flexible.  The reason is because there is a little bit of shape to it vertically.  It needs to be able to flex just slightly to block it out properly. 
  • Notice I'm only doing one section at a time. This is obviously the main section of the tailgate, and will determine the shape of the rest of it.  Once this section is established, the next section just above it will be next, and all the radiuses will be last.