Being Inspired

The goal is to always do as great of work possible, and always find out ways to improve. Often times there’s limitations, like time or budget, but there should be nothing that holds you back from doing work to be proud of. 

There is a seemingly endless list of tips; with hundreds just on this website.  All the tips and knowledge are certainly helpful, but they aren’t the answer to doing great work.   The answer is your personal motivation and inspiration to do exceptional work.  

I can still remember the moment I was inspired to always try as hard as possible and never settle for average work. It was about 2005, and I was about 18 years old, a few months away from heading off to school to begin my career. I grew up in Wisconsin, and went to the World of Wheels show in Milwaukee that year. It was the first time I got to see in person two cars built by Rad Rides by Troy; Chicayne and a 70 Cuda. I was inspired beyond belief by seeing what was actually possible, and the way body work and paint could look.  

That was the pivotal moment for me, seeing what was possible, and needing to figure out how to achieve it.

If you can find that special inspiration, there will be a lot of motivation that comes with it, and the drive to never stop learning and never settle for average work.  That motivation is all that’s needed, and all these hundreds of tips will  begin to fall into place.  Without that inspiration, all the tips and knowledge will only be so helpful.  

Have the hunger to be exceptional, and the willingness to be inspired, and you will be exceptional.