Block further

Getting great results usually isn’t easy, and there’s usually more than enough hurdles on your way there.  One thing to remember, with every single step, is to go just a little bit further, do just a little bit better. More often than not, this is the difference. 

How primer is block sanded is crucial. One major rule is to not stop when each step is ‘close’. Get it right, take it just a little further. In the picture below, you’ll see just a slight amount of texture left in the primer, it must be gone in the first blocking step with 100 grit. Not just barely gone either, actually fully blocked out. If you don’t pass up all of these small chances to go just a little further, your work will be on another level. 

How did the name True Blox come to be?  Exactly this!  The blocks show you exactly how a panel is sanding, and hide absolutely nothing. True blocking results come from True Blox