Body Working small parts

When doing body work on smaller parts, door jams, the back side of panels, etc, the body work can be treated a little bit differently.  

The prep still needs to be treated the same, and quality is still extremely important; never cut corners. 

As for exterior body work, the normal procedure would be to start the block sanding while the filler is drying with 40 grit.  Once the filler is dry, you would then finish the majority of the sanding with 80 grit. 

For these smaller parts, and the back side of panels, the difference is with the ‘roughing in’ stage.

  • Take great care that the body filler is spread as nice as possible. 
  • Let the filler dry before sanding it. 
  • Block sand with 80 grit. 
  • Finish with 150 grit. 
  • As always, fill one section at a time, it will help you do cleaner work. 

Skipping 40 grit will eliminate having random deep scratches, which can easily happen on these smaller pieces. 


Body Work & Paint in picture: The Refinery by Adam Krause