Don’t get overwhelmed

It is very easy to get overwhelmed while doing body work, especially if an entire vehicle is getting a lot of detailed work. Here’s a few tips to help overcome it:

  • Have confidence you’ll do it. This can be difficult, especially if the body work is challenging and not going easy. But, you have to have the confidence to know you will get it right. 
  • Break the work up into sections. This not only makes the body work better, but it helps your mindset. I don’t mean one panel at a time, I mean one section at a time. Most vehicles have body lines running the length of them, these generally create the sections you should be working within. Worry about one section at a time.  Then move on, building off of the previous section. 
  • Forget the details. Don’t worry about getting your gaps right, or your body lines just right. Get the car body worked, and then get the lines right, and then the gaps. 
  • Don't leave loose ends. Just because the gaps, parting lines, body lines, etc come last, doesn’t mean you should be thorough. Complete the body work in each section you’re working on. It can be very easy to leave a few loose ends in every section, and then have a week of finishing them at the end, avoid this!
  • Remind yourself of the goal, and and do your best work possible. Don’t half ass it! It’s much easier to stay motivated when you know you’ll be proud of your work when it’s all painted and finished.