I want your Questions!

The whole goal of True Blox is to actually help improve people's work as much as possible.  This means that along with having the correct sanding blocks to do great work, you also get the best help and support.

So, I want your questions.  If you have bought any sanding blocks from True Blox, I'd love for you to send me your questions!  It can be anything pertaining to body work, primer, painting, wet sanding and buffing.  Maybe there is something you want to improve and can't quite figure it out, something you're always fighting, or just something you'd like to know.    I will use them to make posts exclusively for True Blox customers, and will pick one or two questions and work directly with you to get it sorted out.  

Ask the questions in the comments on this blog post, send me an email tyler@tylerkrausinc.com, comment on the Facebook post this came from, etc.