Key Steps

There is a proven process to the body work process. While each project might be slightly unique, there is still a general process to follow. Here are the key steps:

  • On suspension
  • Body fully assembled
  • All weatherstrip/rubber in
  • Adjust body panels
  • Check all body panel adjustments and shapes with long lengths of aluminum flat stock or c-channel
  • Finalize gaps in metal 
  • Metal prep
  • Body work main large sections first 
  • Blend in the body work of smaller sections, like the front of fenders, etc
  • Dial in all body lines
  • Dial in all gaps
  • Polyester prime (together)
  • Block sand with 100, 220 & 400 (together)
  • Take apart
  • Finish jambs
  • Paint  

This is a very general guideline. Note that the body is almost always assembled, with weatherstrip, it is body worked together as one, it is primed together, sanded together. This produces a very distinct, refined look when it’s complete.