Lines made easy(er)

There’s times in the body work process where a body line needs to be built out after the surrounding area has been straightened.  The challenges are to make it straight, and make the height of it completely consistent. 

The example in the picture is a small feature line that is apart of the drip rail.  The body work on the roof is completed first, leaving this drip rail inconsistent. 

First, a tape line is pulled, which is used as a reference line for the drip rail. This tape line needs to be as straight as possible, since the exact shape of the drip rail is going off of the tape. 

👉The Great tip!  Use foam double sided tape to fill up to. The foam tape will give you a square edge, and  the consistent height. Lay it right on top of the masking tape, carefully following the edge of the masking tape. Then squeeze your body filler up to the edge of the foam tape 

The picture above, the foam tape is used to fill against. When you pull the tape off prior to sanding, you will see where the edge of the tape was, and can sand the filler down to that point. You then have another surface established to continue the bodywork on the rest of the drip rail. It’s all about establishing one surface at a time.