Metal Spreaders

How body filler is spread can, and often does,  get passed off as unimportant or irrelevant.  However, it’s very important how body filler is spread, and there could be things that go wrong if it’s not done correctly. 

One thing I’ve found to work great is using metal spreaders. While traditional plastic spreaders work okay, the metal spreaders have a few advantages. 

  • Less pin holes. The rigidity of the spring steel spreader spreads the filler smoother, leaving noticeably less pin holes and air pockets. 
  • Flatter spreads. Metal spreaders don’t follow the irregularities l in the panel; the ones you’re trying to fill & straighten out. You’ll have a better feel for what has to be filled, and a head start block sanding because of it. 
  • Squeezing filler in. It’s important to tightly spread the filler on the first pass. This means a thin film, squeezed in every scratch and pin hole. Metal spreaders do a better job making sure body filler is squeezed thoroughly in everything