Mindset vs Skill Set

This latest project we finished at The Refinery, a 1932 Ford Victoria, is a project that was definitely a challenge.  There was only one requirement: it had to be as nice as possible, everywhere. On top of that, a 32 Ford Vicki isn’t exactly the easiest body style to complete, with all the shapes and feature lines. Despite it’s challenges, these types of projects might just be my favorite kind. It pushes you to do your absolute best, there can’t be any excuses, and there is always plenty to learn. 

All of this always leads me to wonder what the ‘key’ is to doing great work. Sure, there’s a lot of techniques and skills used that have been gained through a whole lot of experience, but I don’t think that’s nearly all of it.  Mindset is equally as important. 

  • You have to want it.  It’s hard work, and can be very frustrating at times (for everyone), and a really important part of doing great work, is to want the best results bad enough. No challenge can slow you down or deter you. 
  • You have to know it’s possible. Sometimes, a hurdle to doing really great work, is not knowing what’s possible. It helps to get out, see other work, be inspired. It is possible, for anyone. Sometimes you might just have to see it to know.  
  • Patience.  Have the patience to do it right. That’s hard to remember when you’re overwhelmed with a daunting task, but have the patience to push through and always do the best. 
  • Humble.  Ask questions, learn as much as you can, admit your mistakes, always be evolving and improving. 
  • The drive and real desire to do the best work is absolutely necessary. 

If if you have all these things, the skill sets somehow seem to fall right into place.  I am more than happy to help or offer any input I can, send an email to: Advice@TrueBlox.com


Car owned by: Phil & Debbi Becker 
Built by: Fast Lane Rod Shop (Dave Lane)
Paint by: The Refinery by Adam Krause
Photo by : J7 Photography


  • I have to hand it to you, it is really great reading such positivity. And I must commend you both. For such young men your insight and wisdom far exceeds your age. I am thankful for the information shared. My brother and I are a bit older but are new in the custom building business and so thankful that we are doing what we’ve always aspired to do. You guys keep inspiring I know it helps me. Thanks.

    Bob Griffin
  • Well said. I have always believed that the mindset is the key. The minute that you think of a quicker, easier way to achieve perfection you have already lost. No replacement for labour content. Quality, patients, desire, experience you covered it all. Without the right mindset you have already lost the game. My dollars worth.

    Ziggy Sadler

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