Part 5: Keeping it Flush

Perfectly flush panels is a crucial aspect of great body work.  Getting there can sometimes be a challenge though.  Blocking across panels and keeping adjacent panels sanded evenly can get frustrating. There’s a fast, easy, and efficient way to solve this. 

First, a  fast review of where the project should be at this point. 

  • Car on its suspension, and the proper weight in it. 
  • All fasteners tightened properly. 
  • All seals and rubbers in. 
  • Panels adjusted and gapped properly (including edges)
  • Metal prepped for filler properly

Before you start spreading filler and doing body work, it’s time to get the panels held in place and locked down from moving. To do this, shut the panels naturally; do not force them into any position...this is important.  Next, dabs of body filler should be put in the gaps.  Usually about 3-4 on each panel edge works great.  This will keep the panels from moving at all, and make it very easy to block across them and keep them completely flush.   Below are examples of what this should look like.  **Tip: duraglass works great, because it is thicker and will bridge the gap much better than just body filler.