Paying Attention

It's a new year, I'll start with the basics.  Something I've been noticing more and more, is that there isn't always a 'trick' to doing something. As I work on putting together some more tips, the reoccurring thought is always that you just need to pay attention. 

Sure, there's a lot of techniques to know, but a lot of times, the difference between good work and exceptional work, is just being concerned enough to notice the small details. 

Wet sanding?  Yes, it's important to start with 600 grit and use the right sanding block, etc. Even more important though, is paying very close attention to how the clear is sanding, and if it's sanded enough.  It's not a technique, it's paying attention. 

Every step of the way, paying extra close attention usually answers most questions. 

So pay attention, care, and take a tremendous amount of pride in everything you do.  That's the real difference. 

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