Primer Prep

Finally, body work is done!  It’s now time for polyester primer.   Here’s how to finalize the filler so it’s ready for primer.  Let’s assume the filler is already completely in 80 grit, as it should  be. 

  • First, 150 grit. Use a True Blox sanding block, it just doesn’t need to be quite as rigid or long as the blocks used for body work. Get all the 80 grit out. 
  • If there’s really deep scratches.  Sand the scratch out with your finger to feather it out, and tightly fill that spot.  Let the filler dry, and block with 150.  
  • Pin holes!  Blow the filler out very good to make sure all the dust is out of all the pin holes.   I like using regular body filler and a metal spreader.  Squeeze the filler very tightly in the pin holes to make sure the filler is all the way in. Make another pass or two and make sure there’s just a little bit of filler on the surface.  If the filler is spread too thin, it won’t completely dry and stay gummy, which means it will not sand good at all. 

Body Work & Paint: The Refinery by Adam Krause