It is sometimes hard to find products that work great.  Although I haven't tried them all, here are the ones that I've had some luck with lately.

Filler: 3M Platinum Select #31131  

Glaze:  U-POL 'Dolohin glaze'

Polyester Primer:  Standox PE Spray Filler  -previously PCL polyester (still a good product)

Sand Paper:  36/40 grit:  SunMight green.   80-400 grit continuous rolls:  NortonA275.  3M 'Super Fine' soft sand sponges #2602

Sanding Blocks:  True Blox

Guide Coat:  Mirka

Rolocs:  3M Cubitron2, 80 grit (purple)

Sealer:  This should go along with whatever paint line is being used.  I'm a fan of epoxy sealers though.  In the world of restorations and hot rods, etc, theres a lot of bare metal being painted as well, and using one sealer that works with everything is a big benefit.

Epoxy:  I have to say Glasurit 801-703 epoxy is still the best I've used.

Paint:  PPG Envirobase water borne

Clear:  PPG Global D8152 Glamour Clear

Wet Sand Paper: Meguiars uni-grit or 3M

Compound/Polish:  3M Perfect it EX rubbing compound #36060 & 3M Perfect it Machine polish #39061

Buffing Pads:  Schlegel 175C wool pad & 3M 5738 black foam polishing pad

Buffer: Makita