Reality Check

What’s reality?  Sometimes, getting body work and paint correct is an ass kicking. It might come across as ‘easy’ when breaking down some techniques into a bullet point list, but that doesn’t mean it is. 

Why bring this up?  It’s just a reminder that sometimes, there is no shortcut or easy way to create exceptional work. 

  • Be patient. It’s so easy to get frustrated when things aren’t going well. Especially when it appears as though everyone else on social media is just sailing through the work. Not true!  Some work gets challenging for everyone. 
  • Also, as another reminder.  Sure, there’s a couple really big tips that make a huge difference.  But generally, it is a long list of seemingly insignificant adjustments that all add up to exceptional work. 
So, if you’re struggling with something, don’t worry, we all do!  Some of this stuff is just challenging, so keep trying!