The Key to a Straight Car

The best is being able to sight down a car, and it's perfectly straight, and you can't even tell where any of the panels start and stop; it's just one continuous shape.   Here is the most important part of achieving that.

  • In the video, I am using an 8" aluminum c-channel as a guide.  This simulates where the body work will be when it is completed.  It shows me any high areas, which will be moved down.  It also shows where the door edges need to be moved out to, so the stay thin and that you can't see any of the panel transitions.
  • Notice how I go up and down the length of the truck several times to get an idea of the shape of it.  
  • Work off of the high areas.  The c-channel spans the door and fender, and shows a higher area near the back of the door.  To take a look at the bed, make sure the end of the C-channel is over that high area again.  
  • These areas need to be worked down, and when they are all at a good spot, some low ares can be worked out.  
  • Finally, the door panel edges need to be worked out so they are barely touch the C-channel as it is laying over the panels.