The Real World

One thing that is super important when doing body work, is to have everything as close to the real world as possible, just as it will be finished. This includes: having the car sitting fully on its suspension, having all the weatherstrip and door bumpers in, all the right latches, every piece of hardware in that bolts to any exterior panel (inner fenders too), have the motor in if possible, put some weight in the doors to simulate the windows and everything else. I've even put some weight where the fuel cell is. It might seem a little extreme, but it ALL effects how the panels fit together and flex. Why be surprised after everything is painted. Once again, it's all very cheap and easy insurance. #fitandfinish #bodywork #gaps #flush #details #nosurprises #realworld #details #stepitup #craftsmanship #painting #restorations #hotrods #therefinery #tylerkrauseinc thanks to the @miranda_built Camaro for being my model once again.