The right order

Doing everything in the right order can save a lot of time, and even make the quality a little better.  Here is a very generalized order through the body work and into paint that might help shave some hours off. 
  • All body panels on, adjusted with seals and latches in, gaps finalized, flush, and all fasteners tights. 
  • Every  project is different, but generally speaking, approach the body work one section at a time. This doesn't mean one panel at a time. Usually body lines break up sections. But if you get something established, it's much easier to work off of that for everything else. 
  • Finish the body work on th entire project in at least 80 grit, straighten all lines out. 
  • Gaps being dialed in are the absolute very last step before primer.  They only get done once then. Completely ignore them through all the body work.
  • Finish the filler in 120 or 150 grit, leave all the panels together.
  • Prime with polyester primer. 
  • Block polyester with 100, 220 & 400 grit. 
  • Take all the panels off, finish & prime the jams, and prep for paint.

Everything should be done once and throroughly, with pride. Very rarely do any panels need to be taken off before the outside of the body is ready for paint. Do it once, and save a lot of time.