Time vs. Quality

Quality takes time, there is no way around that. Since doing great work already consumes so much time, it’s very important to not have any additional and unnecessary steps.  Here are the steps to block sanding polyester primer, and a few tips. 

  • Step 1:  100 grit and a hard block (True Blox).  Polyester had a lot of texture, and is a very hard surface. It needs to be sanded completely flat with an aggressive sandpaper.  
  • Step 2:  220 grit with the same hard blocks
  • Step 3:  400 grit dry with a soft block. 
  • Lots of dry guide coat after 100 & 220. 
  • After 220 & 400 grits are ‘done’, use wax and grease remover to wet every panel down and circle every remaining scratch with a pencil. 

**Some important notes:

 Every grit needs to be sanded very thoroughly, with great attention to detail.  There is no need for additional sanding steps if these are done correctly. 

Any smaller areas that are sanded through the primer can be spotted in with primer after 220 grit.

The goal is to prime once.  Sealer can be applied over the polyester primer, and then paint.