Where to Start, Part 2a

Where to start, part 2.
This entails how to prep the metal for epoxy prior to body filler. Thoroughly cleaning the metal is unbelievably important. Do not think or be under the illusion that using epoxy will save or fix anything. Clean metal is very very, very important.
♦️This means any rust pits, no matter how small, need to be media blasted until the metal at the bottom of the pit is completely white and clean.
♦️You can, and should, use a bright light up close to make sure it's actually clean.  
♦️The metal must be cleaned extremely well with wax and grease remover prior to any sanding or blasting.  
♦️The metal that isn't blasted needs to be cleaned, then d/a sanded with 150 grit, and then 80 grit.  The finer grit first is to more thoroughly sand and clean the metal.  The 80 grit is for better adhesion.
♦️After sanding, the metal must be cleaned with wax and grease remover until the towels are completely clean.  
♦️Then, spray your epoxy.