Where to Start, Part 3, Flush Panels

Where to start, part 3, just before body filler.

Since you’ll be body work the body all together, means you’ll be block sanding across panels.

♦️Even with everything bolted in place and weatherstrip in and latches in, the panels still most slightly as you’re sanding. You do not want this to happen.  An example is blocking across a door to quarter panel.  The door will move in slightly, which means the quarter panel will get sanded too much. So, it will be a struggle to keep the door and quarter flush.

♦️Use body filler, before you start body work, and put 2 or 3 small dabs (about 1”) in each gap gap. So 2 or 3 between the door and fender, 2 or 3 between the door and quarter, etc.

♦️This is enough to hold the panels in place as you’re sanding, resulting in flush gaps.

♦️Just naturally close all the panels, and then add the dabs of filler.