Where to Start, Part 7: where to fill

Where to Start, Part 7. This is the start to finish series of body work and paint.

The previous steps touched on spreading filler and picking a block. The next idea is where the filler needs to go to get the whole car completely straight.

♦️You can see in the first picture, the only area body worked is the main section of the panels, and the body work doesn’t even continue past the front wheel opening. So focus on getting that section done and straight first.

♦️Notice the gaps are bridged over (not filled in), and the body line isn’t at all straight yet. These things are not the focus yet, at all. Just pay attention to the thickness of the panel edges, the should be either bare metal or very close to it. On this car, there was a very small amount of filler on the edges.

♦️The second picture shows how to decide where to keep filling. (Pretend there’s filler and not bare metal, I didn’t have a good picture of that). Always always use the c-channel as a guide.

♦️Establish and fill the low areas. Keep checking, and keep filling and blocking. You need to get the entire side of the car straight according to the c-channel or flat stock. (Flat stock is more flexible, so use it with cars with more shape).

♦️When it all seems close, then skim entire sections to get it dialed in even further. And still check your blocking progress a lot with the c-channel.

♦️Don’t just start with skimming an entire area. It’s a waste of material and time.