Where to Start: Part 9, Gaps

Where to Start, Part 9(ish)

At this point, the body work is completely straight on the car, and all the body lines are finished and straight.
♦️The last part is the door gaps.
♦️You might have noticed there’s filler bridged over the gaps.
♦️The gaps are not filled in. This happens from the panels having filler spread on them and the filler hanging over the edges just a little bit. It only takes a couple spreads for the filler the touch.
♦️This actually makes blocking across the panels easier, because there’s no opening to sand over and the edge of the panel won’t get undercut at all.
♦️This step is to use a cut off wheel and cut the gaps back open.
♦️Run the cut off wheel slow!! This is perfectly safe as long as you take you time and go slow.
♦️Use a roloc disc to clean up the remainder of the filler in the gap once you have the panel open.
♦️Just take your time and get all the edges back to metal.