Why Even Try

When doing paint and body work, things go wrong & problems arise sometimes for no good reason. It happens to absolutely everyone. When doing as high quality of work as possible, every little ‘problem’ is just magnified even more, and even a bigger deal. Although I don’t have a solution to completely end every unforeseen problem, there is a good way to prevent a lot of these things from happening. 

I’ve heard countless times, “it should be ok.”  From time to time, I’ve been guilty too. Sometimes yes, some things are so minor it will be ok, but most of the time, why even take the gamble?

Its a mindset and an attitude towards the level of work you are going for that matters.  There are tons of examples...should the car be on its suspension during body work; will it matter?  Maybe not, but why try?   Will a hidden sharpie mark on the metal bleed through into the paint?  Probably not, but why try and find out. Will you see that scratch?  Do the door seals effect how the doors fit?  Should it be wiped down with wax and grease remover once more?  Should you spray basecoat on the entire car at once so it matches...or do you think it ‘should match’?   The base coat example is great  yes, it’ll take about another 5 hours   But how long will it take you to re paint a car after you already have it buffed and you discover in final assembly the panels don’t match.   Why even try  

  • Just do it right!!!!  Most times it is nearly effortless to make these adjustments, and the gamble of problems happening nearly disappears.  Just do it right, and don’t decide the problemwon’t show up down the road...because it might, and the fix was extremely simple. 

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