Why True Blox Exists

Why did True Blox sanding blocks get started?  It actually wasn't really planned.  It goes back to about 12-13 years ago, and being introduced to using plastic for sanding blocks, and discovering how great it works compared to other sanding blocks.  There was absolutely nothing available on the market like I was using.

As time went by, I made more and more of my own blocks, at one point having around 75 different sanding blocks, none of which were store bought.  In those years, I was very fortunate to be around some other extremely talented people and shops, and pushed to do as good of body work as possible.

Several years ago, my brother opened a shop, The Refinery.  Soon after, we decided it was time to go work with him, as well as do some freelance work for some other shops around the country.  

When beginning that venture, I decided to start paying forward some of the knowledge I gained from being around so much talent for so long.  The goal was to genuinely try to help people do better work.  In doing that, the question kept coming up, what sanding blocks do you use?  

I really began to realize, that in order to really do great work, the right tools are needed.  I began to pay attention to which blocks I used a lot, which informs which blocks are in the different sets we offer.  During the time, the real hurdle was coming up with a handle.  I always used masking tape, and it got me by, but its a pain in the ass, and not a viable product.  Finally, the current design and materials were figured out.  

True Blox work so well, because they come from thousands of hours of using them, before realizing they were even a product.  It's all so that everyone has an opportunity to do great work.