Using Water Borne Cleaner

One of many keys to a great paint job is the prep work. Cleaning is crucial, so it’s important that it’s understood what cleaners need to be used, and why. 
The obvious, go to cleaner is a solvent borne wax and grease remover. The problem with using just this, is it doesn’t actually clean everything. 
What does water borne cleaner do that typical wax and grease remover doesn’t?

  • Sanding residue is cleaned much better. Whether it’s left over dust, or residue from wet sanding sealer, water borne cleaner actually takes it off. 
  • Finger prints!  Believe it or not, solvent cleaner doesn’t remove our finger prints. We aren’t solvent/oil based, so a solvent cleaner doesn’t do a very good job of taking finger prints off. Since we are ‘water’ based, a water borne cleaner is needed. 
  • Static.  Water borne cleaner also does a great job of getting rid of static. 
When should you use water borne cleaner?  Typically, I use it as the first cleaner. And then follow it with your regular solvent borne cleaner. I clean prior to masking once really good with each cleaner, and then once again really good with water borne cleaner after masking. Then twice really good with solvent borne cleaner.

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  • Which cleaner do you recommend?

    Rob Waggoner

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