Proper Paint Prep

For the projects that are just being repainted, it is very important to sand the old paint with the correct sanding blocks.  It’s very possible there could be a lot of areas that will be sanded through if it’s the first time it’s been sanded with hard sanding blocks.  

It is easy to just get the car sanded with a soft block to get it ready to paint. The problem with that is that you will not be able to find where the new paint will get sanded through right away.  Find those spots before it is paint.  

Not only will using True Blox wet sanding blocks before paint help uncover these spots, they will give you the flattest foundation possible for the new paint. It’s hard enough to get the paint flat, much less if the surface under the new paint isn’t flat enough.  

The car below was re painted, and it was crucial to use the correct blocks to get the old paint sanded down.  It paid off in the end! 

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