2 Tips to Avoid Sanding through Paint

Getting paint wet sanded flat comes with its challenges. One of those challenges is avoiding sanding through the paint. Although it does happen, there are some tips to help avoid it. 

  1. Using guide coat is probably the most important tip. It allows you to see exactly what has been sanded, and helps avoid over sanding any one area. Along with that, guide coat shows you if edges are being sanded.  
  2. The right blocks, before paint.  Wet sanding clear coat is not when you want to be surprised by how something is blocking out.  Using a similar style sanding block to prep for paint is key for avoiding these surprises. If a soft block is used under the paint, and then True Blox used to block the clear flat, it will more that likely pick up a lot of things the soft block didn’t, and have a high chance of sanding through.  And yes, a durablock is a soft block.   ••It is very ok to block your primer with True Blox, and finish sanding that primer with a soft block. 

A bonus tip.  Pay Attention!!  Obsessively pay attention to everything; what the sand paper is touch, how it’s sanding, if a corner of the block is digging in somewhere, how edges are being sanded, etc. simply paying very close attention solves nearly everything.