An Overlooked Step

Adding 2500 grit to your wet sanding steps makes a big difference in the final polish.

  • 2,500 grit cuts down on the grainy look in the clear coat. 
  • Cuts down on buffing time. 
  • Use guide coat after 2,000 and before 2,500 grits. 
  • 2,500 grit is actual sandpaper, so it still flattens paint, unlike 3,000 grit foam. 

Although it might seem excessive to add this sanding step, it does effect the final result.  The entire point of these tips is to achieve the best work possible. Many of the factors that take your work to the next level are minimal. This is one of those things; a small adjustment to make it just a little bit better, but that little bit makes all the difference. 

Paint: The Refinery by Adam Krause