Buffing up to Lines

Buffing in tight corners up to body lines can be difficult.  It’s these small details being polished well that make a big difference. 

A key is to tape the surface you’re not buffing. But, it’s important how it’s taped.

  • Place the tape just past the corner, so that the buffing pad at least has a chance to get down inside the corner. 
  • Place the tape close enough to the corner so that the buffing pad can’t touch the paint where it could burn through. 
  • Be careful not to place the tape too high where you’ll be buffing on the edge of the tape, this will burn a line into the paint. 
  • A lot of times, a 3” pad with sharp corners does the best getting inside corners. 
  • Follow up the 3” pad with a bigger 7” pad for a better finish.