One thing

When buffing, there is one way to increase the quality of the end result.  That one thing is to spend more time buffing with a wool pad and compound.    

  • The entire purpose of using a wool pad and compound is to completely flatten the clear coat.
  • There is always texture left in the clear coat from the wet sanding process, even if it is minimal.  
  • Use fluorescent light (tubes) as light, they do the best job showing texture.  Not too much light either, it will just flood the panel with light and you won't be able to see the flaws.  This is very important.  
  • A very common, and easy mistake, is to stop using a wool pad too soon.  
  • The clear coat should be essentially scratch free and completely smooth when the wool pad is done.  The more wool is used, the more texture will be worked out of the paint.
  • By far, the most time should be spent in wool compared to any other buffing step.  
  • Spend the time, get great results.


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