The 3 Buffing Steps

One of the first thing seen on a car is it’s paint finish. There are a lot of earlier steps and variables that are important to it being great, but clear, well polished paint can make a big difference. These steps are meant to follow out wet sanding process. 
One of the most important factors is paying very close attention, and being very critical of your work.  So much of this process is your mindset about it.   Here are the basics of the 3 steps:
Step 1
  • The Goal: To remove all sand scratches, and to remove all texture/grain from the paint.
  • Wool Pad
  • Heavy Cut Compound, Menzerna 1-400
  • Low Speed: 600-800 rpm's
  • Fluorescent/soft lighting
  • Clean compound off frequently with Water Borne cleaner

Step 2

  • The Goal:  To remove any remaining scratches,  to completely flatten/remove any marks from the wool pad.
  • Green foam pad
  • Medium cutting polish: Menzerna 2-500
  • Low speed: 600-800 rpm's
  • Spot light, or other direct/sharp light.
  • Clean polish off frequently with water borne cleaner.
  • The Goal: To completely polish the paint, leaving no scratches or swirl marks.

Step 3

  •  Black foam polishing pad.
  • Fine polish, Menzerna 3-800.
  • Low speed, 600-800 rpm's.
  • Direct/spot light.
  • Clean with water borne cleaner.