Wet sanding blocks, which one?

More wet sanding tips! These are my two favorite wet sanding blocks, and the only blocks I use for 99.8% (seriously, for everything) of the wet sanding in 600 grit. You need something hard, like plastic, to cut the clear sharp enough, and one should be rigid and not flex, and one should be flexible....that's it‼️ The 🔑🔑key to kick ass work?!?!....unless the panel is dead straight, and there is no ripples in the body work, use the block that flexes! And be honest about it. ➡️➡️💥🔥➡️The block needs to follow the panel in order to cut the clear flat‼️. If the block is too rigid, it WILL just make a mess with grooves and burn throughs. **And!!!....this applies to 'high end' work, and there is 5 coats of clear. Don't try this on anything else! Just a warning so I don't get the message that you tried 600 and acrylic and now you need to re paint your car.
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