Wet Sanding: Step 1

Completely flat, perfect paint is the goal. No texture, no ripples, no heavier edges; just laser straight paint. 

Step one is where it happens. A big key to this step is to look at your work with a very critical eye; search for any small details that might not be perfect.  Here are some quick tips to go along with it. 
♦️For best results, sand the paint thoroughly with 600 grit and True Blox wet sanding blox.
♦️There should be absolutely no orange peel or texture left when you’re done. The panel edges should also be completely flat.  Do not leave anything at all left over to finish flattening in step 2.  
♦️It should feel smooth as you’re sanding, and look completely flat when you sight down the panel.
♦️Be very critical of your work in the step, what looks to be the slightest imperfection here will be much more pronounced in the finished product.