True Blox - Pro Set

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A set of 17 premium sanding blox . These blox are meant for block sanding body work as well as primer, especially polyester primer. This set offers a great variety of lengths and flexibilities. 

All of the blox are just under 2 3/4" wide, to accept regular sand paper, and all True Blox are for 'Stick-it' Style, self adhesive Sand Paper.

**Ships in approximately two weeks**

Sizes in Pro Set:
*The thickness of the blox determines the flexibility.


Number of Blocks
(each block is a different thickness)

Range of Flexibilities 
6" 3 Very Flexible to Flexible
8" 3 Very Flexible to Rigid
12" 4 Flexible to Rigid
16 3/8" 4 Mostly Flexible to Rigid
22" 2 Slightly Flexible to Rigid
28" 1 Rigid