True Gaps - Medium

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Are you in search of perfect door gaps?  
True Gaps are a specialty tool used during the body working process of a hot rod or restoration to get the gaps dialed in.

They are placed in the door opening (or other panels), and filled up to with body filler, and then removed after the body filler is dry.  This leaves behind a perfectly consistent gap.  This tool is meant to be used as part of an entire body work process, and intended more for body work professionals who have an understanding of the entire process. 

♦️The thickness of all pieces in this set are .125”.  Using this set means the panel gaps will be .125” before primer. 

♦️There are 4 lengths of plastic:  12”, 18”, 24”, 36”

♦️In each of the above lengths, there are 3 different pieces with different radiuses cut on one of the sides. This is to help match the length and shape of the door jamb as closely as possible. 

♦️There is a total of 12 pieces in this set  

♦️Body filler does not stick to this plastic! 

♦️♦️These pieces are quite durable. They are flexible and able to be bent, which makes them great for round corners. After being bent, they can be straightened back out. But it should be noted, that over time this being done over and over will likely cause them to be more difficult to straighten out. Also, while body filler does not stick to this plastic, sometimes a metal spread or razor blade is required to remove remaining body filler.  Although this is very easy to do, it should be noted. 

🔴 This will come with further information and tips on how to use them