Wet Sanding Blox

Wet Sanding Blox

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**There is currently a lead time of up to 4 weeks for the wet sanding blox, due to a slow down with the supplier from the Coronavirus**   Thank you for your patience.  It is still recommended to get your order in so it can get out as soon as possible  

True Blox Wet Sanding Blox are used achieve the absolute flattest paint possible.  The sanding blocks are meant only for the initial step of wet sanding to remove any texture and ‘orange peel’ from the paint. The hard material they are made of allows the sand paper to cut the paint completely flat. 

There are five different blocks, creating a range of flexibilities, from rigid to extremely flexible. 

*Ships in about 1-2 weeks

For great wet sanding tips, visit www.trueblox.com/blogs/wet-sanding-buffing